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Fire-proof glass, the main function of fire prevention is to control the spread of fire or to prevent smoke. It is a measure-type fire-proof material, and its fire-proof effect is evaluated by fire resistance. It is a special glass that has been processed and treated by special techniques and can maintain its integrity and thermal insulation in the prescribed fire resistance test. The original glass of fireproof glass can be made of float plane glass, tempered glass, and composite fireproof glass can also be made of single piece of fireproof glass.

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There are five main types of fireproof glass, one is laminated composite fireproof glass, the other is wire fireproof glass, the third is special fireproof glass, the fourth is hollow fireproof glass, and the fifth is high-strength single-layer cesium potassium fireproof glass.

Divided by structure

Fireproof glass is divided into composite fireproof glass (pouring type and composite type, grouting fireproof glass has good heat insulation performance, and composite fireproof glass has good fireproof performance) and single-piece fireproof glass.

Among them, the perfusion type fireproof glass consists of two original glass sheets (three original glass sheets can also be used for special needs), and the surroundings are sealed with special flame-retardant rubber strips. The fireproof glue in the middle is solidified into a transparent jelly and bonded to the glass as a whole.

Insulated glass bar

Fire prevention principle: After high temperature, the transparent jelly-like fireproof glue layer in the middle of the glass will harden quickly to form an opaque fireproof insulation board. While preventing the flame from spreading, it also prevents the transmission of high temperature to the back fire surface. This kind of fireproof glass not only has fireproof and heat insulation performance, but also has excellent sound insulation effect. Can be processed into an arc shape.

It is suitable for fire partition walls of fire doors and windows, building patios, atriums, shared spaces, and computer rooms. 

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